Ready for the Future of Mobility?

Modern Mobility is a technologically-driven, intelligent electric vehicle company with a wide spectrum of R&D capabilities. 

We put a lot of effort into making a big difference in the world and creating a reliable brand for our business. 

Our commitment is to deliver cutting-edge, superior EV products and services. 

This is exemplified by the pursuit of global benefits, customer-centricity, and the acceptance of the win-win partnership concept.


Modern Mobility is a pioneer in connected transportation and telematics solutions. 

We have been investing in cutting-edge data research and green innovation for over 20 years, 

in order to help partners and clients transform their fleets and operations. 


Our goal has always been to make the transportation and mobility sector greener, safer, and more efficient. 

We are dedicated to a future were smart electric vehicle acceptance and appreciation will expand 

due to better automobile ownership experiences and enhanced smart EV technology, creating a more sustainable future for the planet. 


It is imperative that we utilize all available technologies to reduce emissions while we negotiate the shift to cleaner transportation, because we think that profitability and sustainability go hand in hand.


As a fleet specialist, it was only a matter of time before we got involved in vehicle construction ourselves. 

Over the past ten years, our team of engineers has worked extensively on electric vehicles of all kinds. 

The benchmark our team had set itself was to revolutionise the electric vehicle market.


To combat the biggest fears of our customers, which is range anxiety and battery life performance, 

we soon focused on solid-state battery research am development. 


Our technology fulfills requirements for batteries including extreme safety, high energy density and low cost. 

Our products can replace 5-6 chemical batteries of the same kWh rating within a lifecycle of 30 years,

which means significant cost reduction over conventional batteries.


The technology incorporated is not based on electrochemical reactions, unlike lithium cells, the energy is stored as an electric field and so it can be released extremely fast, as well as being able to be stored (charged) in a similar speed.


We have reached mass production and proudly continue towards a fully electric, sustainable future.

"We  are fully committed to driving the future of mobility through our relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and designs. 
Our team is dedicated to creating next-generation mobility experiences that will transform the way people move and interact with the world.
We are thrilled to soon unveil our groundbreaking developments, that are poised to revolutionize the way people perceive electric and green mobility. 
We are confident that these innovations will make a significant impact on the industry and the environment." 


Elias Skodras, CEO & Founder

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